Users can expect to incorperate 8 BSC protocols into DEXKIT apps

March has been a phenomenal month for DEXKIT! We have had some BIG promotions and developments on the platform. Our DEX beta has been released and traders can set GAS FREE limit orders now! We are also developing our NFT marketplace and Defi Dashboard, both of which are set to be released in the next month.

Check out our recent live update for an overview and tour of the DEX app!

Uniswap is perhaps the most recognizable AMM in the crypto space, but what does it offer to advanced traders? It doesn’t have limit order functionality, leaving users vulnerable to volatile price movement. Traders must stay glued to their screens to avoid losing some serious ETH. Uniswap has very limited analytical functions and doesn’t even have a trading chart on its swap application. What the platform does, it does well. Beyond simple token swaps, it has very little to offer. What you see is what you…

In this week’s episode of “unprecedented financial dumpster fires”, we join r/wallstreetbets, hedge fund short-sellers, and GameStop in a three-way cluster of epic proportions. If you missed it you can check out this article to catch you up. Essentially, the folks over at the subreddit r/wallstreetbets organized a group of retail investors to “pump” the price of GME (GameStop shares). The company has been steadily declining making it an easy target for short-sellers on Wallstreet.

The Argument for DeFi Markets

The beauty of decentralized finance is that there is no central entity that facilitates trading, asset liquidity, and market availability…

DEXKIT: The All-In-One, Decentralized Trading Toolkit!

DEXKIT is gearing up for a large scale marketing push following our successful token sale! The DEXSwap Aggregator is working and has been pulling in big numbers over the past few weeks. Huge partners have come onboard and snatched up branded aggregators and toolKITs including Bitboy Crypto, Ethereum Yield, and! BITT farming is underway and will continue until December 21st at 12AM UTC. Stay up to date with marketing and development by subscribing to the DEXKIT youtube channel. Check out the first community update below.

DEXKIT: The All-In-One, Decentralized Trading Toolkit!

If you’re a DEX user, the waiting’s over. Finally, there’s a new set of tools for market-making and trading in cryptocurrencies that makes things a whole lot easier, and cheaper. DEXKIT is due to be available soon, and it’s sure to become a must-have for anyone trading in cryptocurrency.


DEXKIT is a suite of 4 Defi “Super Apps” that make swapping and managing cryptocurrencies EASY

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