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A pet that lasts forever, thanks to DEXKIT.

4 min readDec 17, 2021


DEXKIT team didn’t want to be left behind in terms of the gamification of their DeFi tools and, in order to be consistent with this premise and feature the newest and almighty SuperApp, the NFT kitty collection called Kittygotchi was born, which represents an arduous effort by the team in terms of creating, no only a collection of auto-generated NFTs with randomization, but also a collection of pets that, due to their unique characteristics–plus to being hosted in an infinitely scalable network as Polygon–, will last a lifetime producing the benefits that will be derived from them, and that will be explained in later lines.

How can I have a Kittygotchi (or all I want)?

In the first place, being the owner of a Kittygotchi requires being a responsible person (yes, like having a real pet requires daily care), that is why before proposing to adopt one you should think about whether you can feed it every day (with a fraction of $MATIC that represents less than 1 cent of a dollar) and thus it will be able to develop attack, defense and run points. This means that every day you surf into the DEXKIT’s SuperApp to feed your kitten, it will increase its powers randomly and positively.

You will need to pay the kitty’s adoption fee, that is 10 $MATIC tokens. It’s a reasonable fee and also is a single-pay. Take in consideration that you are adopting a kitten forever. The only way you can get rid of it is to adopt it to someone else by transfer it to another wallet or selling it in a marketplace.

Your kitty’s minting unique randomization will be based on the quantity of $KIT tokens you have in your connected wallet at the time of minting. You must remember that since we are interacting here with the Polygon network, your $KIT tokens must be there. Savings on the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain will not be taken into account, so take your previsions. This is the official $KIT contract on the Polygon network, beware of scams!

Have you already checked that everything is good to go? Okay! Lets start the process in the official minting section and, after connecting your wallet, hit the ‘Create Kitty’ button and wait:

After clicking the ‘Create Kitty’ button, this popup will appear in your screen, just hit ‘Confirm’:

After this, you will need to wait one minute and voilà!

Do you already have your beautiful Kittygotchi? Isn’t it very special and different from the others? 😻 Now you can change the accessories according to your savings in $KIT. The more you HODL, the more customization options you’ll get! You will need to hold at least 20 $KIT tokens (less than 30$ USD at today prices) in order to edit your kitty.

After minting your kitten you will be able to see–and edit–all the accesories and customizable parts.

What can I do with my Kittygotchi?

The DEXKIT team develops different ideas about the utilities that are intended to be given. For now, they are working on a fighting game for NFTs (PvP), in which kittens with higher attributes will have greater opportunities. All this in a fair way, which characterizes DEXKIT and its developments.

Your Kittygotchi will be also ranked with another kittens based in your points. You will earn $KIT coins fulfilling some tasks and boosting your kitty with the daily meal.

This is a special one. Check the ears and the yellow tail 🙀

What is the team planning to do with the earnings from the game?

50% of the money inflows by the collection will be destined to rebuy and placing liquidity for $KIT token, guaranteeing investors a solid crypto asset, plus to being present in the most active blockchains so far.

Thanks for your interest in the DEXkittens! 😹Would you like to adopt one? 😻




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