Coin League: the fairest game on the Blockchain.

The people asked for a game that did not require them to pay large amounts of money to be able to catch up with experienced players, in addition to the fact that rewarding players for their merits and not for their investment turns out to be rare in the digital gaming world. The DEXKIT team thought ‘outside the box’ with the American Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, and after deliberations about “What game on the Blockchain can be fairer to players than a price race?”, together came to a conclusion: If our business is cryptocurrencies, everything is settled! Let cryptocurrency prices set the tone and be the main purpose of the game 😎

What is the game about?

If you have not played before, the Coin League game is about predicting the cryptocurrencies prices offered there in certain periods of time, starring with impeccable track record crypto projects and also using cutting-edge technology to offer players their score in real time, without manipulations of any kind.

What are the available game modes?

There are two game modes: BEAR races (or bear market), and BULL races (bull market), in which you can race with other players by choosing the coins that you think will behave in the way indicated by the game you entered. You should never place a coin that is performing its best in a BEAR game (and vice versa), because your performance will be negative and you will lose the race. We have a well-explained manual on how to play it, including the instructions you must follow to successfully configure your wallet with the site (or create a new one right there, powered by DEXKIT).

Being Coin League a Blockchain game, which one did the team choose to deploy it?

The game was deployed on the Polygon network because the Ethereum one was unfeasible in relation to network fees. We recognize the power of the Ethereum network but we also recognize the higher scalability from Polygon network. Using this blockchain, each wallet interaction will only cost a fraction of a dollar cent on fees, in addition to the entry ticket price (which you must pay with your MATIC coins within the Polygon network).

How did you guys come up with such a fair game? Is it technically possible?

To this day, typical game developers have only thought of ways to get people to buy items / services provide to finance themselves and grow their companies. Very few developers have been given the task of designing quality games, accessible to all and fair for those who are just starting out, without any advantage in relation to experienced players / loaded ones with attributes and characteristics that make them invincible and unreachable. This has ended with the new generation of games, where players store their items in the blockchain and no one can prevent them from being able to trade/send/burn their stuff at any time.

And, in the technical part we have…

In our last edition we talked about Chainlink and the tools that they will provide to DEXKIT dev team in order to achieve that fair game that we talk about so much, but if you don’t want to read it because seems too long for you😅, below we summarize a little about what was discussed there.

Coin League price feeds are taken directly from Chainlink’s pricing oracle, powered by secure nodes deployed in various locations around the world (the most advanced technology), which allows the team to rest easy knowing that cryptocurrency prices will not be faked by bad actors. Chainlink provides this prices in real time and with such robust security that no hacker will be able to intrude between the players and their matches. If you want to know a little more about Chainlink’s pricing oracle and how to deploy it in your EVM project, go here.

About assets custody, DEXKIT provided the users a way to connect their Metamask wallet, as well as WalletConnect for those who already have one from their mobile devices. Coin League runs very well from laptops, desktops, and mobile web browsers (Trust Wallet runs the game very well from your browser, without the need for extra settings).

They also thought about improving the rewards of the winners in some way, that is why the DEXKIT team also created a set of NFTs (allegorical to the races, with your favorite cryptocurrencies), which will enhance your victories in the game and make you earn more money. This is not an advantage over other competitors but a ‘plus’ that you will get with your victories by owning one of the autogenerated NFTs. All of them will be generated in a super random way through the VRF algorithm also from Chainlink, which allows the players to have unique characteristics over other NFTs, fulfilling some conditions that you can read here.

Become the owner of a completely unique and incredible NFT.

This is all for today! And we invite you to enter in the Coin League official Discord server to meet new players, participate in giveaways and improve every day with your predictions to become the Master of Wizards! 🧙‍♂️

No bears were harmed for the creation of this GIF.



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We build and provide open-source, lightweight and free #DeFi tools for everyone. Start your #crypto business today using our white label solutions.