DexKit Shines at WebSummit Lisbon 2023: Empowering Cryptopreneurs with DexAppBuilder

2 min readNov 20, 2023
DexKit core team at Lisbon 🇵🇹

Lisbon, Portugal — WebSummit, one of the largest tech conferences in the world, recently wrapped up in Lisbon, Portugal. Among the thousands of startups and companies in attendance, DexKit made a significant impact with its innovative no-code/low-code tool for cryptopreneurs, DexAppBuilder.

DexAppBuilder is a revolutionary platform that empowers entrepreneurs and developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) without the need for extensive coding knowledge. With DexAppBuilder, users can create and deploy their own dApps in just a few clicks, making it accessible to a wider range of individuals and businesses. At WebSummit, DexKit showcased the full potential of DexAppBuilder, demonstrating how it can be used to build a wide range of dApps, from decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms to gaming and social media applications.

DexKit’s booth at WebSummit 2023. Photo: DexKit © 2023.

The response from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing interest in using DexAppBuilder for their own projects. “We were thrilled to see the excitement and interest in DexAppBuilder at WebSummit,” said Joao Campos, Head Developer and Founder of DexKit. “Our goal is to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone, and DexAppBuilder is a key part of that vision. We’re proud to be at the forefront of the decentralized revolution and can’t wait to see the amazing things that our users will build with DexAppBuilder.”

In addition to showcasing DexAppBuilder, DexKit also participated in a number of panel discussions and workshops, sharing insights on the future of blockchain technology and the role that no-code/low-code tools will play in its development. “The future of blockchain is decentralized, and DexAppBuilder is at the forefront of that future,” said Joao. “We’re committed to empowering cryptopreneurs and developers to build the next generation of decentralized applications, and we’re excited to see the impact that DexAppBuilder will have on the industry.”

With DexAppBuilder, DexKit is making it easier than ever for entrepreneurs and developers to build and deploy decentralized applications, and the response from the WebSummit community is a testament to the platform’s potential.

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