Learn how to use DexAppBuilder and build your Web3 dream for free!

3 min readJun 18, 2024

Greetings, dear readers! 🧙‍♂️ At DexKit we strive daily to create solutions to simplify many tasks in Web3, and our favorite is the creation of DexAppBuilder: a powerful and robust platform that allows you, a user and enthusiast of decentralized finance, to have your own digital business without having to invest more than time.

That is why we have started a series of videos on YouTube in which you can learn how to get the most out of DexAppBuilder: our low/no-code platform with which you can create your DApp in a matter of minutes and with all the tools that a Web3 project wants and should have: integration of secure smart contracts, crypto trading and NFT components, and even inclusion of custom code, with which advanced users can use their knowledge to create a dream onchain app.

In this video you will easily learn how to create a swap platform with your brand and generate income through commissions.

Why DexAppBuilder?

No other platform in the Web3 has the features that DexAppBuilder has, which it achieved by integrating the world’s most popular decentralized liquidity through 0x Project and integrating audited smart contracts from Thirdweb, one of the most respected entities in the field.

DexAppBuilder allows anyone to deploy contracts on the most popular blockchain networks without writing code and, in turn, being able to include the visual interfaces for deploying said contracts within their own DApps.

In this video you will learn how to deploy an ERC20 contract (tokens) on the network of your choice and thus tokenize your project.

There are a variety of audited and secure contracts that can be deployed from DexGenerator (DexAppBuilder internal tool) that allow you to get your idea up and running onchain in a matter of minutes.

Combine contracts and create the most spectacular DApp.

I need some inspiration…

Of course! We know that the initial creative process can be a bit intricate, especially when using a new tool that, no matter how easy it may be to use, is a matter of getting used to it so that the user can feel “at home”.

That is why we created several templates, with different purposes, with which you can start your DApp and only take care of deploying contracts and editing the chosen template.

Go to the templates section in DexAppBuilder and start your DApp from there. Take a look into our documentation about starting with templates to support you if you need more details.

A view of DexAppBuilder’s template section.

A little AI never hurts anyone…

Rather than replacing creative processes, we’re including AI completion so that users with little extra help or time can enjoy great text corrections and suggestions. This functionality is optional and doesn’t impact any user experience.

You can check out the details of this integration in our documentation on the topic.

We appreciate your reading and invite you to use DexAppBuilder as your partner and assistant in building your digital dream on Web3. We will take care of constantly updating the product to keep it healthy, safe, advanced and above all as a public good, for you to enjoy for free.

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