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2 min readSep 24, 2022


Never ever was so easy to deploy your own NFT marketplace for free!

During some months we were developing the tool you needed to sell your NFT collections (or the ones you already have in your wallet) from your own app, for free and Open Source. Are you interested? 🤔 Keep reading.

Designed using TypeScript, React and hosted on Vercel that ensures the total decentralization of each deployed instance, this tool is well ahead of competitors who also have high-end products offering them at exorbitant prices, with limited functions and even in some cases the KYC is mandatory 👀

Stop tossing and turning thinking about how to sell your NFTs! 😟 the only thing you need is some free time to create your own market using the creation assistant provided by our software kitchen, which prepares better and better decentralized recipes that include new and select palates.

The design is up to you, but security and proper functioning is our responsibility 🔐

Just enter here [] and start your adventure building your first NFT marketplace. We’ve designed some examples, so you can get some inspiration from them [The shelter for our NFT pets at and the most profitable NFT collection ever, Bored Apes Yacht Club, here].

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