SuperApp v2 is now available!

3 min readMay 17, 2022

Because we love being in constant communication with our community, receiving their impressions of each of our innovations and tools, we deployed version 2 for the DeFi board aka SuperApp, solving some small details and improving others, which we will explain in this article.

Improved UI/UX for the greater visual comfort of users, now also including light or day mode, for those who love the simplicity and purity of the white color for their DeFi tools.

We hope you brought your sunglasses 😎☀

Improved interactions with contracts: all possible operations within the SuperApp are now much faster and cheaper.

All transactions made into SuperApp v2 are waaaaaay faster.

NFT League game is now live: Fans and gamers can now enjoy the latest game powered by DexKit with Chainlink integrations and hosted on the super powerful Polygon network. This game is available for Coin League Champions NFT holders. Visit OpenSea store and grab your favorite Champions! (you can use your NFTs to play Coin League on premium rooms).

Pick your Champ and let’s play some NFT League races!

Coin League improvements: We know that you love playing the most innovative and fair blockchain game that exists, which is why we also launched version 2 for it, which you will only find within the SuperApp. This version improves all of the above, focusing above all on the performance of the interface aimed at providing the best gaming experience.

We have amazing wizards waiting to play with you! 🧙‍♂️

Gitbook documentation available: In turn, we have started a repository of documents with all the information on our products, including the identification of our Core members. Take a look through this link.

Improved whitelabel apps for crypto entrepreneurs and also we’re experimenting our new whitelabel DeFi exchange, perfect for crypto entrepreneurs like you because you can earn tokens deploying one version and making your friends trade there.

Your and your friends orders will be filled with 0x liquidity using AMM.

Let’s chat! We’re also on Discord hanging out with our community, answering questions, solving issues and sharing crypto. Join here and tell us that you came from this Medium’s article. We have a surprise for you 🧡

Thank you for taking your time reading, and we wait for you to help us improving every day.

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