Supporting Innovation: DexKit’s Leap into Gitcoin’s Arbitrum Grants DAO Nova Round

2 min readSep 28, 2023

DexKit, a vanguard in the crypto space, has recently embraced a significant opportunity by stepping into the limelight of the Nova Round on Gitcoin, orchestrated by Arbitrum Grants DAO. This venture is not just a regular funding gig — it unveils a hefty pool of 24,000 ARB to propel the developer tooling domain in the Arbitrum ecosystem to new heights.

DexKit’s innovative platform, the DexAppBuilder, stands as a beacon of simplicity in the often complex world of Web3 DApp development. By offering a range of no-code/low-code tools, DexKit makes it straightforward for both seasoned coders and newcomers to navigate the terrain of decentralized applications. This initiative is all about eradicating the technical jargon and coding hurdles, paving a smooth runway for anyone with an aspiration to build on the Web3 framework.

The Nova Round, which kicked off on September 19 and runs through till September 30, 2023, isn’t merely a funding round — it’s a tech carnival celebrating the brilliant minds behind the robust developer tooling on Arbitrum. The Arbitrum community has come forward, acknowledging the hard work of devs who are shaping the future of decentralized applications.

This Gitcoin endeavor is a monumental shoutout to the synergies between DexKit, Arbitrum Grants DAO, and the broader developer community. It’s about fueling the tech-driven ethos of DexKit, amplifying the toolkit set to demystify DApp development, and fostering a culture where devs can thrive, innovate, and break new grounds.

The buzz in the crypto sphere is palpable, and the community is rallying behind DexKit as it dives into this new chapter. It’s a call to arms for all tech aficionados to join the fray, contribute to the Nova Round, and be part of a tech revolution that’s reshaping the DeFi landscape.

Your contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant impact. If you’re feeling generous and wish to contribute your grain of sand to DexKit, visit this link. If your generosity overflows, you can even donate to other projects. Every bit of support counts towards nurturing an ecosystem ripe for innovation and user-centric solutions.

Stay glued for more updates on this thrilling escapade and find out how you can dive into the action, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the Arbitrum ecosystem.




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