The KITDEX Exchange BETA is LIVE!

4 min readMar 9, 2021


Check out our recent live update for an overview and tour of the DEX app!

Uniswap is perhaps the most recognizable AMM in the crypto space, but what does it offer to advanced traders? It doesn’t have limit order functionality, leaving users vulnerable to volatile price movement. Traders must stay glued to their screens to avoid losing some serious ETH. Uniswap has very limited analytical functions and doesn’t even have a trading chart on its swap application. What the platform does, it does well. Beyond simple token swaps, it has very little to offer. What you see is what you get. In this writer’s opinion,

traders deserve better; Defi deserves better.

The DEXKIT team is proud to announce the release of the KITDEX BETA Exchange! The advanced trading app is the solution to the problem with DEX protocols. It uses powerful 0x V4 technology to give DEX protocol traders the experience of trading on a centralized exchange without having to release asset custody and personal information to a central authority. The thing that makes the KITDEX so magical is the aggregator that runs beneath the surface. At first glance, the interface looks similar to what you would see on a centralized exchange like Ku-coin or Binance. There is a trading view chart, order history, and limit/market order screen.

Behind the scenes, 0x’s advanced routing algorithms power the DEXKIT aggregator scanning over 20 different Defi protocols for the best prices and healthiest liquidity pools for tokens. Any time traders perform a market buy or sell, the aggregator ensures that the order is filled at the best price with the lowest slippage possible. Whenever large orders are placed for tokens with multiple sources of liquidity, users can end up getting more tokens for their swap.

KITDEX looks and feels JUST LIKE A CEX but accesses 20+ DEX protocols!

Limit orders that are placed on the KITDEX can be filled by ANY of these protocols. Even more impressively, orders can be placed without paying a gas fee to the Ethereum network! This is possible because when the order is filled, a wallet to wallet swap is performed and the “taker” in the transaction pays the gas fee. This feature makes limit orders on the KITDEX unique and highly cost-efficient. Users can now imitate the experience of trading on a centralized exchange while simultaneously accessing multiple decentralized protocols’ ever-expanding liquidity pools.

DEXKIT offers advanced and practical tools to KITDEX users. KeeperDAO has recently announced a partnership with DEXKIT with the integration of the “Hiding Games” order book. The project is a leader in the world of MEV (Miner Extractable Value). Essentially, “keepers” are arbitrage bots that share profits with users of the KeeperDAO exchange platform. By integrating the “Hiding Games” into KITDEX, users can place orders on a separate order book, making them eligible to earn ROOK tokens for their limit orders. This is an extremely forward-thinking and unique feature of the DEX and we are proud to be in partnership with a high-caliber project like KeeperDAO. Check out THIS article for a deeper explanation of KeeperDAO.

There are also a plethora of customization options for users to create a unique app experience. Tokens and pairs can be added, removed, starred, and ranked based on how the user wants them to appear. The basic view features only the trading chart and order widget, ideal for mobile viewing. The highly convenient fiat on-ramp allows users to purchase a variety of cryptocurrencies directly with a credit or debit card.

The KITDEX is the future of trading on decentralized protocols. It accesses the biggest liquidity pools to ensure that traders are always getting the best price by using the most advanced and gas-efficient protocol on Ethereum. Astonishingly, this allows users to place limit orders WITHOUT PAYING A GAS FEE. KeeperDAO integrations give users more opportunities to profit from their orders through earning ROOK for participating. The intricate design and customization options make it a must for particular traders.

At the moment there is a V3 and V4 version of the app. Both have the same functionality, but the V4 version leverages all of the improvements from 0x V4. Both versions will continue to run simultaneously until all users migrate their orders from V3 to V4.

The DEXKIT platform is a full-suite of 4 Defi super apps. 2 apps are now live and working, but the team is not slowing down. The next big push for DEXKIT is the upcoming NFT marketplace that will be released in the coming weeks. Many of our tools are brandable and will be available as WordPress plugins. This will give people the ability to easily incorporate our powerful tools into existing websites. Be sure to check out the links below for all of our apps and social channels.

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