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DEXKIT: The All-In-One, Decentralized Trading Toolkit!

If you’re a DEX user, the waiting’s over. Finally, there’s a new set of tools for market-making and trading in cryptocurrencies that makes things a whole lot easier, and cheaper. DEXKIT is due to be available soon, and it’s sure to become a must-have for anyone trading in cryptocurrency.

The team behind kit have used leading-edge technology to create what’s been described as the next-generation tool kit for cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, link, and the host of others arriving in the market.

Why is DEXKIT needed?

There doesn’t seem to be a day goes by without the announcement of another crypto-token, NFT, or exchange. With so many to choose from crypto users need cutting edge tools to trade and exchange without losing value through expensive commissions and extortionate rates. The DEXKIT flagship tool is their aggregator that can be branded to the user’s specification users can create a marketplace or exchange for a website or app. As DEXKIT’s head Developer explains, “Additionally the KIT Dashboard platform will manage all these platforms easily for crypto users, so they can manage their portfolios and create KIT tasks.”

What is DEXKIT –

Decentralized exchanges lack the tools that traders need to stay safe and find the best possible prices and liquidity. This is often the case when users are searching for a stablecoin to protect themselves from the volatility of BTC/ETH exchange rates. This selling can take a great deal of time, particularly if you need to convert multiple Uniswap LP tokens instantly. “Kit’s will use the best liquidity in the market to liquidate your LP tokens and swap it to your chosen stablecoin,” explains DexKit founder. He goes on to show how, in another common task, DexKIT will make the job easier and quicker. That’s when, as a user, you hold USDT and want to provide liquidity to an ETH-USDT pool. “you need to buy both sides of the asset and then mint the LP token. You will have KIT do this immediately using the best liquidity in the market.” The plan is for more KIT functions to be added according to the needs of the community. The basis of DEXKIT is based on well-known open source technology. However, the team are developing next-generation closed source technologies that will belong to the company. A network of affiliates will be used to promote the project, and they will earn passive income for their efforts.

How DEXKIT is a Winner

As the next-generation tool kit DEXKIT is the future for decentralized exchanges by creating advanced trading, swap, atomic swaps, and market-making. It brings with it the ability to create decentralized erc20 and erc721 white label trading solutions, giving greater flexibility to the user.

The tool kit concept helps traders become better informed of trades and receive the best price across 9 DEX’s.

The swap aggregator is the primary tool operational at launch. The KIT aggregator searches an array of exchanges to find the best price with the most liquidity, all with a Uniswap-style interface.

The familiar interface ensures adoption is less problematic, so users can explore the other tools at their disposal in the DEXKIT that much quicker.

For a $1000 dollar trade of BAL tokens you can see DEXKIT SWAP delivers around 20 more BAL Tokens to the users than Uniswap, this gain increases with larger orders.

The customizability of the package means users can have their own branded DEXKIT Aggregator, NFT and decentralized exchange, with an easy to use the dashboard to control the tools. The customization of the aggregator includes adding or removing pairs and adjusting the fees they will receive.

Trading through DEXKIT allows leveraging, and the placement of decentralized stop and limit orders. Users will also be able to place private orders and earn from arbitraged orders known as arbitrage mining. Arbitrage mining takes advantage of differences in crypto values across various exchanges and uses that to create profit for the user.

DEXKIT Lead developer is adamant the KIT will fill a gaping hole with the powerful tools he’s adding to the DEX market. “I believe the white label aggregators and exchanges along with transparently and being able to update pairs and check collected fees will create a network of passionate crypto individuals connected to KIT.”

How to get hold of DEXKIT

The KIT OTC token sale will run over 3 rounds with a soft cap of 1,000 ETH and hard cap of 2,650 ETH starting on the 13th of November. The sale will run through a smart contact with a minimum buy of 1 ETH and Maximum of 25 ETH per investor. KIT token will be delivered to the sender’s wallet starting at end of sale on the 20th of November or when hard cap is reached. The Total number of tokens available in the sale is 1,500,000 KIT. There is no private sales or VC funding. Sale is a first in first served basis.
Round 1 — Price 0.00133 ETH with 300,000 KIT tokens available
Round 2 — Price 0.0017 ETH with 450,000 KIT tokens available
Round 3 — Price 0.002 ETH with 750,000 KIT tokens available
Uniswap locked Liquidity if hard cap is reached — 250,000 KIT tokens and 625 ETH with price of 0.0025 ETH.
Uniswap locked liquidity for soft cap — 150,000 KIT tokens with 300 ETH with price of 0.0020 ETH.
Information can be found at
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What is DEXKIT’s future?

The developers have lots of exciting innovations in the works, all with one aim in mind says Head Developer, “KIT will be used as a farming token, staking to distribute rewards collected from fees, and hold KIT to unlock whitelabel solutions and advanced tools”. The next-generation DEX is going to offer free cancellation and order placement, and an IEO launch pad for projects to effortlessly start token sales. The NFT wizard will allow users to buy, sell and share tokens on social media, and at the same time earn affiliate fees. This works with the extended affiliate program when you deploy your exchange/NFT white label solution. This means you earn fees directly when other users access your platform with WordPress integration. There is a lot more going on with DEXKIT that can be discovered at their website.



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