(Update) Mint your Kittygotchi on the Binance Smart Chain

Both Polygon and BSC networks are able to mint your first utility NFT pet.

Attention! 🚨 🚨🚨 Because many of our users have asked for it, now you can mint your Kittygotchi NFT pet on the world’s most popular blockchain network, Binance Smart Chain. You will be able to feed it daily with a small portion of $BNB and it will grow just like your kitten on the Polygon blockchain network.

In turn, the DEXKIT team plans to launch the Kittygotchi collection also on the Ethereum network so that kitty adopters and collectors can also display them in their main NFT collections, can also use their kitty as a profile picture on Twitter, among other amenities that will be offered. They will be developed as adoption increases.

Adopt yours today! 😺



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